Most women I spoke to on my journey in researching for this brand did not know their bra size and this meant bras were being bought based using “sight” rather than actual measuring. Most black women are not taught the basics, especially how to measure yourself to ensure you get the correct bra size.
A woman should never underestimate the importance of a good fitting bra. A properly made bra supports the breasts, compliments the shape of woman and the most important thing, to fit well with whatever it is you wear without the all too common sight of bulging breasts or as we call it “four boobs” being visible because the bra is too small.
Osha by Kadijah was born because I noticed how unflattering bras became after a certain cup size. Sometimes the straps were not sturdy and this did not inspire confidence in me.
As a plus size woman, I do love to look good and that starts with my skin, followed by my
underwear and finally my clothes. It is very difficult to find an aesthetically pleasing bra if you are a plus size girl. Does sexiness stop after a certain size i wonder?
At Osha by Kadijah, we promise that the glue that holds everything together is well made and the undergarments are both sexy and functional.
I hope you appreciate the thought that went into the product.
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