Care Guide

General Instructions
Please handle your garments with care and read all garment care labels carefully. For most products we recommend a lukewarm hand wash; using a gentle detergent then to rinse in cold water, some garments specify dry clean only. Do not leave garments to soak and do not wring, rub or spin dry your items; hang products to dry or allow to dry flat.
Garments should be ironed inside out.
Bras & Shapewear
Do not put bras in the washing machine or in the dryer.
All our underwire bra wires are protected with a nylon coated tip; this protects the garment and your skin from being exposed to the sharp edge of the wire.
Machine washing underwire bras will agitate the fabric & may result in the wire becoming exposed through the casing the wire is secured to.
The cups of padded and pre-moulded bras can also be damaged by washing machines and dryers.
All bras should be hand washed in lukewarm water with a mild detergent then rinsed in cold water. Do not wring out, bras should be folded in half and any excess water gently squeeze out before lying flat to dry.
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